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Catch the Vision!

Our Mission

To spark children's and adult's imaginations and to educate all ages through the performing arts.

Our Outreach

  • To reach thousands of children and adults annually through this upbeat show, The Bea & The Bug!
  • To bring communities together through live, educational, interactive, multimedia, musical theater.
  • To write and produce shows throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and in other states featuring the history of each geographical location and to film each new show thus creating a national television series for children.
  • To strengthen learning skills of our audience through each show and the printed program.
  • To continue to provide paying jobs for directors, actors, singers, composers, lighting and costume designers, writers, graphic artist, video producers, publicists, and administrators, to name a few.

Help Us Educate Through Entertainment!

With an annual budget of over one million dollars, your tax-deductible donations, partnerships, support, contacts, in-kind services and volunteer time is needed. We want to work and partner with you, your company, or your association!

With your help, we can reach and help to educate thousands of inner-city children, adults, and families.

We have always known, always said, and always shown that regardless of circumstances or age, everyone can make a difference. So can you!

This is your chance and your opportunity to make a difference by supporting The Bea & The Bug!

Our History

From 1999 to 2009, The Bea & The Bug!, an original, history-based, interactive, multimedia, musical production, starred HoneyBea, BungleBug, DragonFly, Wise Old Dragonfly, Morgan, Emily, and Trevor. The show served the inner-city and metropolitan area of Washington, DC and Baltimore. We brought the community together and reached thousands of families. The overriding theme was you can make a difference. We wrote scripts and songs and proved that a smile, a hug, or pursuing your interests can change your life and the lives of others.

We partnered with Carter Barron, the Chesapeake Arts Center, and the Children's National Medical Center, and hired professional actors and crews. We projected renderings, archival footage, and lyrics on huge screens on stage and filled our printed program with educational games relating to the show.

The cast led enthusiastic audiences in the Bea & Bug songs "You Can Make a Difference", "Zip, Zap Sunshine Day", "Going to Write a Book", "Banneker Rap", "Do Right", "The Weather Song", "Brand New World", "Fast Around the World" and the "BungleBug Theme Song".

This show changed lives by educating and by giving hope, love, and encouragement to all. We introduced Dr. Charles Drew, Nellie Bly, Pierre L'Enfant, Duke Ellington, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others to our audience.

The Bea & The Bug! was an extraordinary success, with financial support from Mr. James Nemec, AOL, Western Development, CFC, Toyota Dealers of Baltimore, Ms. Rose Marshall, Discovery Channel Store, 7-11, North American Network, and many more.

Our First Honorary Committee included former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Mayor Anthony Williams, Mr. Brigg Owens, Miss Julie Harris, Mr. Darrell Green, Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, Mr. Bob Levey, Mr. Bruce Johnson, Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams, and Mr. James Nemec.

Now with your help, we will produce this interactive, educational show again. Catch the Vision and join us today! Ziganinny!


See our current sponsors and join us by sponsoring The Bea & the Bug! Please select one of our sponsorship categories and Catch the Vision!. Thank you!

Behind the Scenes

  • Executive Producer and Creator: Gale Nemec
  • Associate Producer: Andrew Aurbach
  • Artistic Director: John Strawbridge
  • Directors: Peggy Jones and Wayne Shipley
  • Development: Charlene Severy
  • Educational Consultant: Betsy Libretta
  • Creative Consultant: Joy Werner
  • Senior Script Writer: Vince Clews
  • Music Director/Arranger: Carol Gulley
  • Lighting Designer: Ayun Fedorcha
  • Costume Designer: Emily Swanson-Long
  • Web Master: Rob Simmons

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  • Playbill Design and Print: will YOU get involved?
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Catch the Vision!

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